Map & Talk

Map & Talk is a useful app for travel to Japan, Taiwan or China. With only 3 steps, you can talk in Japanese or Chinese.

I know the place.
How do I tell???

Map & Talk is a useful app for such scene.
You don't need to learn Japanese or Chinese, or bring phrase book. No worry any more if you have Map & Talk!

1. Select a place

Once you select a place on the map, it's ready to speak. Find a place neaby your current location or a specific place. Then only tap a place on the map. Also you can select a place from Bookmark which has more that 300 popular sightseeing spots.

2. Select your objective

Select your objective such as destination, direction, how long?, how much?. Then the app makes sentence automatically.

3. Talks in Japanese or Chinese

Once the sentence is made, tap speak icon. The app talks it in the language which you specified Japanese or Chinese. When you're tarvelling Japan, Taiwan or China, you can ask in local language.

Make your own bookmarks

If you upgrade the app, you can make your own bookmarks. Storing hotel where you're staying or places where you'll visit today to the Bookmark, you can easily access them and use for conversation.

Useful phrases

The app offers useful phrases when you are in taxi or shopping etc. You can say "Plese stop at next intersection." or "Do you have smaller size?" in Japanese or Chinese.

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